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Who We Are

From The Ground Up is a family owned Decatur company that Provides Lawn & Landscape services to central Illinois communities and businesses.  We Provide trust worthy, quality craftsmanship and professionalism from start to finish on every job to exceed your expectations on all of your outdoor needs.  

New Service - Cleaning, Sealing, Rejuvenating Concrete/Pavers/Block/Countertops
 We are adding a new service this year that will include cleaning/sealing all outdoor concrete, block, countertop, and paver projects.  This could be driveways, patios, retaining walls and virtually any type of concrete product around your home.  This could also include rejuvenating old concrete with new color! thats right aggregate exposed concrete products could be re colored to look like new and prevent tearouts.  Call for more information on these new services today @ 217-233-1310

Employment Opportunity
We are looking for a Landscape Technician and/or Foreman to add to our team at FTGU for this spring.  If you have experience in this field or are looking for a new opportunity give us a call at 217-233-1310 or click on the application page to do it online.  Starting out at $17.00/hr as technician with raises upon skills learned.

Requirments for obtaining this position are as follows: 

The ability to work with hand tools, able to operate light and heavy equipment, capacity to communicate and excel in a team working enviroment, have problem solving skills, ability to perform physical work, and provide excellent customer realtions during projects. Also must have valid drivers license and comfortable driving with a loaded trailer.
Stormwater Management And How It Affects Everyone And Everything 

Stormwater pollutants Start with rain and end with either a properly managed drainage system or poor to no managing beng done by both homeowners and businesses alike.  pollutants during a rain event are caused by runoff over pavements and roofs with oils, trash, and debris entering sewer systems and ending up in our streams, rivers, ponds, and lakes.  With communities dedicated to helping our water quality through small and large projects can greatly reduce the pollutants entering our drinking water sources and ecosystems that are used on a daily basis.  So next time you wash your car next to the storm drain, dump oils, or wash your paint brush off in the sink, think about where that goes and do your part in protecting our fresh water sources around Decatur.  Give us a call to discuss options on how we can help you help our community improve water quality and manage your rainwater responsibly. 

New Trends

Things have been moving toward expanding homes by going outside with inside amenities. Outdoor Living Areas have been booming and they provide great ambiance for entertaining guests.  They give your home more square feet and hey, that's less to mow right!  These areas will have fireplace/pits, water features, seat walls, full kitchens, brick ovens, outdoor TV's, paved areas, separate sitting areas,  Bars, pools, hot tubs, pergolas....etc all while enjoying the great outdoors.   If you would like to talk about your outdoor area give From The Ground Up a call today! @ 217-233-1310